Small Businesses Keep Missing the Mark Online

Small Business Trends – Infographic

Our FREE infographic summarizes the state of small businesses and online marketing. Given their concerns about the economy and weak sales, you would think more small business owners would do whatever they could to survive.

Online marketing can help many types of small businesses – whether they sell accounting services in a limited region or produce industrial machine parts throughout the world. But for many companies, online marketing strategies are falling short in every direction.

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small business owners struggle with online marketing infographic 2013

Opportunities Abound and Failure Persists

27 MILLION small businesses operate in the United States.1
92% of U.S. Internet users (adults) use search engines.2
50% of new U.S. small businesses won’t survive after 5 years.3
660,000 of U.S. small businesses close every year.4
Small Business Owners are Worried… 17% of small business owners cite weak sales as their No. 1 problem.5
“Small-business confidence has sputtered and stalled … uncertainty is slowing the economy.”6
NFIB Index of Small Business Optimism: 88.5, one of the lowest readings in the survey’s 40 year history (March 2013)7
And Yet… 24% of small businesses include social media in their planned social media strategy.8
30% of small businesses use SEO as an online marketing tactic.9
49% of small businesses don’t update their local online listings.10
58% of U.S. small businesses don’t have websites.11
62% of small business web site keywords don’t rank on the first page of Google.12
75% of small businesses don’t include an email link on their home pages.13
80% of small businesses don’t link a Facebook profile on their web site home pages.14
97% of small business web sites don’t reference a blog on their home pages.15
49% of small and medium-sized businesses lack a phone number on the home pages.16

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