Website Designers for Small Business Marketing

Website Designers for Small Business Marketing

If you’re on a shoestring budget, you might try Wix or GoDaddy’s Website builder. You can use their templates and be up and running for less than $200 a year, including hosting.

Just a quick word of caution: You can have a website, but marketing it is another matter. Being “found” in search engines like Google isn’t the same thing as ranking well. Link building, paid search includes programs on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media. You also need to consider pay-per click opportunities, such as Google Ads.

Through Online Marketing Coach, I offer a step up for $1,500 for one-person businesses or extremely small companies (just a few employees). Ill work with you to select the right WordPress theme and then customize it for your needs. I keep your costs down and you get to work directly with website designers and developers. I’ll stay in touch with you as well to coach you through your content choices.

Again, it’s a website – not a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. We’ll still need to talk about SEO, paid search, etc. But I’ll be there for you. I’m committed to shaping programs based on your needs and budget.

Over the years, Online Marketing Coach has created several websites for diverse clients in several industries.

Here are a few examples:

website content requires proper design and development


If you need a custom website, Proximity Marketing has the team that will impress in every respect – from the initial meeting through the development process. I’ve known Mark Priebe, the president, since 1994. He’s a class act. We’ve worked closely together on many projects over the years.

Even though his agency makes great websites based on the latest best practices, Mark will tell you that a website is only one part of a successful digital marketing strategy. Maybe you’re handling some aspects internally. That’s fine. But you should still learn more about how Proximity Marketing shapes plans for clients who benefit from services, including content marketing, SEO, email marketing, and paid search.

Contact Proximity Marketing today (tell them Mike sent you). Here is just one of their website designs. Or check out this quick summary of what they’ve achieved for clients over 20+ years.

Websites must convey the right message to the right audience - effective design ensures that.