Online Marketing and Social Media Consultant

Online Marketing Social Media Consultant

How are you leveraging Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks to reach defined audiences? Who should know about your products and services?


You can be successful with social media, but you need to have a handle on why you’re doing it in the first place.

What are your objectives and how can you align them with your primary business goals? As your consultant, I can help.

For example, social media can give you a growing connection to potential customers as people discover what your company offers. If you have something that’s interesting, others will pass it along and encourage their contacts to check out your business.

When you make content for social media, you need to keep in mind the audience – their interests, attitudes, language, motivations, etc. And by all means, make social sharing options available wherever you market your company.

We can help shape the social media campaigns that you need depending on who you’re targeting, what you can say or present, and your budget.

Some people think social media is just another way to get more exposure for a business and that it’s primarily a branding activity.

But you have many opportunities to measure social media, including:

  • Response forms that people fill out
  • Phone calls you receive (use a unique number for social media so you can track calls)
  • Engagement time
  • Posts
  • Other activity metrics

When you report data, you might need to get a feel for what information people really want. The C-level executives may prefer bottom line results with sales or numbers tied to decreased costs. Others may merely want to know how many times you posted to Facebook or Tweeted.

What will work best for your business? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn?

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