How We Help - Small Business Services

Running a Small Business?
I’ll be Your Coach

Online Marketing Coach can help on multiple fronts – and we adjust how we do it based on your specific needs. Canned packages are for grocery stores, not serious online marketing efforts.

We integrate what we do online with your online advertising efforts. We hate working in silos and you probably do as well. Let’s work together and maximize our efforts rather than miss some huge opportunities.

Sure, we do a lot by e-mail and phone. When possible, we like to meet in person as well. We also communicate with GoTo Meetings so you can see what we’re talking about in an interactive way.

You will have one point person who will manage our tasks and the information you need to supply from time to time. But we have experts with specialized expertise, so they may work directly with you on occasion to move a project along.

We’re not all about the upsell. Some consultants can’t wait to sell their clients the next service. Sure, you may not need everything we offer. And you’re budget may fall short of the perfect scenario of services. That’s OK. We work with small businesses based on their expectations. As you grow, maybe we can grow with you.