Small Business Marketing Services

Small Business Marketing


We’re all about small businesses and how they can leverage online marketing to help them grow.

Some small businesses do an awesome job with Internet marketing. And they’re successful because they’ve taken time to match their interests with their skills. Others don’t know where to begin.

We’ll sort out what makes sense for your business. In some cases, we’re going to help you on many levels. In other situations, we’ll help you do a better job with what you’re already doing. We’ll assess your needs and find the best scenario to help your small business succeed on the Internet.

How We Help
Depending on your small business needs, we have specialists who can address everything from copywriting to e-mail marketing strategies.

  • Small Business Study
    We took a close look at 200 small businesses in the United States. Find out what we learned about how they use search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Online Marketing Plan
    Before you take another step with online marketing, start with a custom plan. We’ll help uncover sensible directions for your company.
  • Competitive Analysis
    Would you like to get a handle on your competition? What’s working for them and giving them an edge. We’ll tell you through our competitive analysis.
  • Customer Survey
    You may have a great handle on your customers and know exactly why they’re buying from you. We can develop the right surveys and ask questions from an independent perspective.
  • Corporate Identity Packages
    Is your logo really working for you? Could you use something new to convey what your business offers? We’ve got it covered – logos, business cards, letterhead and more.
  • Print Media
    Sometimes it makes sense to place print ads in suitable publications to increase the odds that you will connect with the right audience. We’ll show you campaigns we’ve developed.
  • Media Buying
    We can negotiate the best rates and terms if you need to buy TV, radio and other spots.
  • Sales – Outsource
    Instead of hiring more sales reps, you should consider outsourcing sales to members of our team who have 30+ years of sales experience.