News Releases - SEO- Small Business

News Releases and SEO

Use news releases to generate interest in your small business website
and attract backlinks at the same time.


News releases are misunderstood with the Internet. Years ago, you had to rely on a public relations professional to craft and distribute the news release to their contacts with the local news media or national outlets.

Today, the Internet is a great way to get your message out – without needing to hire a PR firm to do the work for you. News releases help build interest in whatever you’re offering and can lead to backlinks from other websites (links affect rankings).

Sure, PR pros can still help. Their contacts can be invaluable. But sometimes people only think about news releases when they have huge news like a merger, a major award, a new invention, etc.

I’m a proponent of inventing some of the news. Even if journalists don’t bite, consumers will.

In other words, the Internet allows you to distribute your news and have it picked up by your target audience that discovers it on Google News, Yahoo! News and assorted websites, blogs and other places that see your news release and share it with their audiences.

Create news releases on everything that makes sense:

  • New product lines
  • Speaking engagements
  • Educational guides
  • eBooks
  • Expansions

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