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Link Building for SEO Success

What makes the biggest difference with keyword rankings? It’s not your meta data or SEO titles or even you’re internal linking strategy.

It’s link building – your effort to seek, attract and secure effective links from other web sites to yours.

Search engines determine rankings based on your credibility. How long have you been on the Internet? Who is linking to you? How long have they linked? How do they link (the text in the link matters)? Who is linking to who links to you (they look at the authority of the sites linking to the places that link to your web site)?

We know how to chase down and lock in links from relevant sources that can influence how well you’re going to do on search engines.

Do you need to be in a paid directory? Can you be added to a magazine’s list of industry resources? Do SEO and news releases make sense for your business?

We answer all of these and many other questions while crafting a link building strategy that can work for your company.

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