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SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research should include many steps like defining audiences, seeing how competitors rank, an analysis of your website ranking history and more.


Besides content, it’s the bedrock of any search engine optimization endeavor. If you shoot for the moon, you’ll never rank on search engines. If you aim too low, you may rank but rarely see any traffic from search engines.

We’ve got a handle on how to look for keyword phrases that meet your business objectives and your ability to rank  for words that  people use.

Is it “CNC machining” or “CNC machines” that a business needs to target? Is it “soccer uniforms” or “soccer apparel”? Can you target both?

Do you know how to manage broad, phrase and exact match if you’re looking through Google data?

Hint: Sometimes you’re better off looking at who is ranking #9 on Google than #1 because #9 may be a position that you have a shot at until you make more changes with your web site.

Keyword selection is really based on:

  • What you sell
  • Your customers (their positions, needs, and what they need to accomplish)
  • Your current web site analytics
  • Current rankings
  • Content
  • Future content plans
  • Domain name
  • Competition
  • and much, much more

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