How We Help - SEO for Small Businesses

SEO Marketing for Small Business

It’s easy to work with Online Marketing Coach with search engine optimization (SEO).  We take care of the heavy lifting and look to you for direction so we’re aligning what we accomplish in view of your business goals.

In the most basic sense, we:

  1. Learn about your business, industry and competition
  2. Analyze your data (size up how well you’re doing today and identify opportunities for success)
  3. Craft an SEO strategy based on realistic goals (i.e. rankings, traffic, leads, sales, etc.)
  4. Refine (adjust keywords, content, etc.)
  5. Report on our progress so you’re pleased with the results

We will have regularly scheduled meetings with you to review how we’re performing and discuss any changes that may be needed (while also getting any new information about what’s happening with your business).

For an effective strategy, we always need to tie what we’re doing online with your offline activities and advertising. When they work together, the impact can be stronger.

Whatever you do, don’t waste your time developing a Web site and overlook all of the search engine optimization and online marketing that must go hand in hand with your fantastic design and killer content handled by an effective SEO vendor.

And we’re not talking about just registering your home page with a few search engines.


No, we mean doing what it takes to land the top spots on those search engines.

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