SEO Marketing Service

Search engine optimization (SEO) is appealing and mysterious at the same time. Small business owners want the traffic that they believe is “free,” but it’s not always easy to rank well on the major search engines.

SEO seems free because it involves natural rankings on search engine results – and you don’t need to pay Google or other search engines for the visibility. Of course, you need to pay one way or another. If you do it alone, you could think about opportunity costs for what parts of your business you’re neglecting. Or, you need to pay someone on your staff or a consultant to implement an SEO strategy.

We work with clients on multiple levels from an SEO perspective. Some agencies want to take over everything for their clients. We can’t blame them because we’ll go that far if you want us to approach search engine optimization that way.

Ideally, SEO is a mix of what we can do well and what you’re equipped to. We can work with our writers to produce content that supports search engine optimization, but you may be well positioned to create the content too.  Sometimes you can run with aspects of SEO after we show you – like how to write catch meta descriptions or cross-link keyword phrases from one page to the next.

Online Marketing Coach prefers to find out what works best for our clients rather than force them to pick one package over another.

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How We Help
Learn about our process and the steps we take to help ensure that you’re successful with search engine optimization strategies and tactics that are customized to your business needs.

Keyword Research
Choosing keywords isn’t something that should happen quickly. Intuition must be based on sound data. Find out how we approach keyword selection.

Link Building
Odds are, you won’t succeed online without link building. Find out how we approach this essential online marketing discipline.

Competitive Analysis
It’s not practical to plow ahead with an online marketing strategy without looking at the competition. Get the details on how we dig deep to gather the data you need.

News Releases
If you want traffic and extra links to your web site, news releases can be a powerful way to help your business grow. Learn more about what we offer.

SEO Guide
Get your FREE copy of the Ultimate Keyword Selection Guide.

Sample Rankings
Check out a small sampling of the keyword rankings we have achieved for clients to help them generate leads and sales.

ROI Tips
Get ROI online marketing tips, including ecommerce and manufacturing.

Domain Names and SEO
Learn what to consider when making investments in domain names for your websites.