Media Buying and Planning: Media Buyer Agency

Media Planning and Buying

Media BuyerUsing many forms of media makes sense to promote businesses. However, proper objectives and strategies should be followed. You must consider your media target audience, coverage, and delivery to reach out to potential customers.

Capstone Media, a digital and traditional media marketing company, could be your best partner to promote your business by offering you media planning and buying solutions. The agency offers diverse techniques and strategies to take your business to the next level.

Capstone Media builds on its knowledge through many respected training resources like Second Wind Network and Agency Management Roundtable, The Loredo Group, Ragan Communications, and The Media Buying Academy.

The agency, which has served diverse clients for nearly 30 years, uses proven steps to provide media planning and buying services. It analyses the best media options based on client objectives and budgets. The agency carefully chooses from a variety of media outlets to share marketing messages for the right audiences.

Media Buying

Rely on the expertise of Capstone Media for media services that pay off.  On your behalf, they will negotiate rates, prepare orders, work on contracts, handle invoices, and much more.

In today’s fragmented media world, it is impossible to reach customers with a single source of media. Capstone Media programs run across all platforms – Digital (Desktop, OTT, Mobile & Tablet) as well as Traditional Media.

Their plans are developed to deliver measurable ROI.  Their well trained and media-savvy buyers will stretch your marketing budget. Among many specialties, Capstone Media focuses on:

Traditional Media

  • Network & Spot TV/Cable
  • Network & Spot Radio
  • OOH (Outdoor, Transit, Cinema)
  • Consumer/Business Print
  • FSI/Direct Mail

Digital Media

  • Streaming & On-Demand TV
  • Digital Video (Desktop, Tablet & Mobile)
  • Digital Radio (Pandora, iHeart, Streaming)
  • Paid Social Media
  • Native Advertising
  • Banners, Buttons & More (Oh-My!)
  • Online Publishers (Trade & Consumer)
  • Mobile Marketing
  • eNewsletter & eMail
  • Targeting, targeting, targeting (Demo, Contextual, Keyword, Geo and beyond)