Online Marketing Services

Small Business Online Marketing Services

I don’t require contracts and we offer to work with small business owners on their terms – no pre-baked packages that may not meet their needs.

Small Business SEO Study (2020)
Review all of the findings and detailed examples.

Navigator SEO Audit
Get an in-depth, custom evaluation and detailed recommendations based on your business for a one-time cost.

Small Business Services
From ROI to competitive analysis, get the small business services you need.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Get the details about my SEO services.

Paid Search – PPC
Would you like to explore paid search or improve your current efforts? I can help pay-per-click (PPC) and related services.

E-mail Marketing
We can get your first campaign or your next one in good shape. Get the details about e-mail marketing.

Social Media
It’s a vast arena and you can take part in it with the right social media strategy. Learn more.

Local Search
Learn how to make the most of Local Search opportunities.

Your content requires first-rate copywriting. I can make sure you convey the right message. Get the details.

Website Design & Development
Find out about our website design and development services that can help you connect with potential customers. Our latest project is the USA Cities Guide.

If you want to sell online, you need to match your e-commerce goals with the right experience.

Online Video
If you want to do well with online video, you should think through everything from the concept and script to lighting and sound. Find out about our online video marketing services.

Content Marketing
Get a handle on what content marketing involves and whether the comprehensive approach can make sense for your small business website.

I will soon showcase photography, including photos from Cuyahoga Valley National Park.