Basically, when people say that their efficiency cannot be measured, be aware that they’re simply lying to you… We know it very well, thanks to our track record of thousands of individuals and companies helped!

Mike’s our go-to guy for all things Google. He’s vigilant in every sense, scouring our website analytics and ranking data to find opportunities we could easily miss.

Jeffrey Phillip Manager of Digital Development Babcox Media

Mike put us on the map with Google and other search engines. Don’t hesitate to tap into Mike’s mind. You’ll appreciate the advice and the impact.

Joe Pulizzi Founder Content Marketing Institute

Mike has impressed us at every turn from the initial online marketing audit to our website design. He delivered as promised, bringing in additional experts as needed. When we reach…

Tracy Smuts President Capstone Media

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Keyword Selection Tips

The biggest problem with SEO and content creation is that some marketers focus on very few variables when choosing keywords for that blog post or a product/service page. Tunnel vision isn’t helpful with SEO. Yes, Google looks at far more than keywords. You’ll often rank for keywords that aren’t even in your content. But you

Need Website Leads? Make a How-To Guide

You’re going to get a lot of online marketing ideas from me and others. Here’s my No. 1 tip that can work for just about any business: Create a how-to guide and promote it on your website, share it with your contacts, tout it with a planned email campaign. Yes, you can get the word

SEO and PPC Keywords: Sorting Out Broad, Phrase and Exact Match Types

If you’re going to play in the world of SEO and PPC, you need to understand the differences between broad, phrase and exact keywords. The number of searches will vary by thousands upon thousands whether you use a few words without any modifications, with quotes to contain the phrase or brackets to lock in an

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