SEO Writing

SEO Writing

Search engine optimization (SEO) writing doesn’t mean you should stuff keywords in the content at every opportunity.
You won’t come across a secret formula either

It’s best to incorporate keywords where it seems natural. Once you know what keywords people use – and you want to include them in your website – do just that. Write copy and that occasionally includes a keyword. Here are a few tips to get you on your way:

1. Don’t try to write multiple versions of a keyword too much on the same page. If you’re focusing on “baby clothes,” don’t get fancy and say “baby clothes” in one sentence and then write “baby clothes” again in the next sentence. You don’t the website visitor to be turned off by your gimmicks.

2.Weave keywords into the navigation – there is usually room to add a keyword here or there.

3. Add keywords to page headings and subheadings. Why settle for “Products” when you can say “Industrial Products”?

4. Work keywords into some links within the copy. It’s better to say, “Ask us about medical supplies” instead of just “Click here.”

5. Be brief. Long sentences aren’t too effective. Website visitors don’t read content – they scan it. So strive for bulleted lists and occasional boldfaced copy. If you have too much copy, consider breaking it into two or more pages. Each page will be a new opportunity for SEO – and a way to help search engines establish keyword themes for the website.