Link Popularity Building

Link Building

You should pursue links from other websites on a continuous basis. Backlinks help make your business more credible in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Link building is a critical part of Search Engine Optimization because it’s widely known that credible links from other websites, blogs, etc. can influence your natural search engine rankings. Plus, they can drive traffic.

If you want to succeed, think of link-bulding as a two-way street. Link building takes time, so don’t just pay a consultant to research and acquire links. You should be busy as well on some level.

Now, you shouldn’t just roam around the Internet looking for possible links. We get paid to make wise link building choices.

But you can study the competition as well and find links that would be appropriate for your business. More importantly, you should be involved in forums and social networking communities related to your business. Links will follow as you build your reputation within industry circles.

Finally, don’t miss a good opportunity to write an article for a popular newsletter in your field – the link can help boost your reputation with search engines and you’re apt to get direct traffic as well.