Ethical SEO

Ethical SEO

Black hat? White hat? Know what you’re getting into with someone on your SEO team or a paid consultant. SEO “best” practices vary among professionals. What are you risking?

Ethical SEO is a serious matter.

Don’t trust those places that “guarantee” listings, submissions and registrations.

So you’re “listed” and appear as No. 2,998 out of 42,000 web sites for your favorite search term. And who will ever find you?

SEO is about ranking on the right search engine for the right keyword.

You could rank #3 on Google for a phrase no one will search for in 10 years. You could rank #2 on MSN for a phrase someone may enter only on a rare occasion.

If you want traffic that generates leads or direct sales, you must make the effort to find relevant keywords that your web site has a chance to achieve. Our SEO specialists will help you.