Online Marketing Success Stories

Online Marketing
Success Stories

I’ve shaped effective online marketing strategies for businesses in many industries, including manufacturing, technology, transportation, health care, chemicals and more.

Most businesses get that digital marketing requires ongoing attention. Quick fixes aren’t realistic. I work hand in hand with them for a long time.

But I’m flexible as well. Sometimes small businesses need advice for a very limited time because their budgets don’t allow for ongoing guidance. Sensitive to their desire for practical direction, I’ve shared my knowledge with some of them over several hours at restaurants or their businesses, such as owner who specializes in wedding dresses.

Here are just a few of my career success stories from my company’s clients and while working with other agencies:

  • Helped Content Marketing Institute grow natural search engine traffic by 118% in one year.
  • Created an SEO strategy to support a website redesign for an agency’s health care client that saw online sales improve by 92%.
  • Managed an agency team that created digital marketing strategies for a software client, which then attracted 50% more leads.
  • Researched and wrote a how-to article that generated more than 50,000 new search engine visits for Content Marketing Institute over two years.
  • Developed SEO strategies and oversaw a website redesign for Capstone Media that continues to get new clients based on its improved search engine visibility.
  • Supported another agency by managing a new Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) program for a machine shop that landed a $300,000 sale after spending just $1,500 over three months.
  • Introduced SEO to Diversified Mold & Castings, which led to a series of new website leads and one of the company’s largest orders in the next year.
  • Led a digital marketing team that pitched a start-up client’s video to IMDb, which linked to it (the link brought 10,000 referring visitors over seven days).
  • Changed a Babcox Media automotive article (page title and header), which produced 5,000 search engine visitors over a year (an enormously competitive two-word phrase moved to #3 on Google).
  • Updated a Babcox Media magazine website page title, a change that affected several keyword phrases and brought 9,000 new search engine visitors in a year.
  • Helped Sheiban Jewelers duke it out with a competitor over a top-three Google position (the retailer secured the prized ranking after I made page title and content adjustments).
  • Shaped SEO and link building campaigns that boosted accounting leads and sales for Schiffman | Grow & Co.