Website Marketing Strategy - Blogs

In Aisle #7 of my series, “SEO Is NOT a candy Store,” I look at the undeniable value of blogs.

Blogs are great way to add content your website and support your website marketing strategy.

You can be topical, clever, have some fun, or be informative.  It’s up to you.  One of the best things about blogs is that they get indexed faster than regular pages.

If you’re trying to compete on search engine rankings, adding blog posts is a great way to support your strategic keyword phrases.

With WordPress, for example, you can use the SEO All in One Pack to control your settings.  The plug in is a neat feature that allows you to stipulate a unique, keyword-rich page title that is different from the page header.  If you have a blog, it’s also a wonderful way to establish or reinforce your expertise.

A blog basically says, “I’m an expert. I’m an authority on this subject.”

You could post daily, several times a week or just a few times a month. It really depends on what your objective is.

As you work with your blog, document what you’re doing so you know what keywords you’re trying to emphasize and try to cross link one blog post to another.  If you take my advice, I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to establish a blog. As the competition grows more fierce,  a blog can be a weapon you can use in the marketing battle you face daily.

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