Need Website Leads? Make a How-To Guide

Need Website Leads? Make a How-To Guide

You’re going to get a lot of online marketing ideas from me and others.

Here’s my No. 1 tip that can work for just about any business:

Create a how-to guide and promote it on your website, share it with your contacts, tout it with a planned email campaign.

Yes, you can get the word out many other ways like social media, but those are some easy options.

I know that people who fill out forms to get your guides may be early in the buying process. That’s OK. You can develop those relationships. Besides, some people may be genuinely interested in what you sell when they request your guide. Make it available and see what happens.

You’re an expert. It should be easy for you to come up with topics and a 4-page guide that someone can download. Hire a copywriter if writing isn’t your thing.

It’s my No. 1 tip because most websites don’t bother to go this route. They keep their expertise to themselves and only share it with paying clients. What a shame.

Creating guides is a huge opportunity to market your business. Once you make one guide, you’ll quickly discover how easy it is to make several.

Right now, if you don’t have a guide, someone may come to your website and leave. With a guide, you have a chance to get them to give you a little information (like a name and an email address) to get a little taste of your knowledge. It’s a wonderful trade – an email address for letting the world know that you’re smart.

You may have other issues that eclipse the marketing success that guides generate. Your website may be amateurish and turn off visitors. You could have operations that will take down your company if you don’t address them.

But keep an open mind about these guides. For little effort, you can make a connection with a prospect that could be one of your biggest deals of the year.

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