Web SEO Tools - Tips that Matter

I put together a handy list of 13 activities that can ruin any SEO program.

Check out the piece at Web Pro News called “13 Ways to Sabotage Your SEO Opportunities.”

Of course, there is always the big one – ignoring SEO during a website development project. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

But there are a dozen other topics as well. There are lots of Web SEO tools available on the Internet. The article may not be a calculator or a subscription service, but it has more than food for thought.

At times I’m a little blunt, a little unorthodox. That’s my style. More and more, I just want to tell things like they are. One of the 13 is about business owners. If a web site has failings, if the business kind of messed up, maybe it’s time to admit the error in judgment and dig team (financially) to remedy the situation.

Sure, buy or try your standard set of web SEO tools, but it also helps to think about strategy as well. It helps to make sound business decisions. That’s not always about whether to do SEO at all. It’s a matter of who know how to do it in-house, who can be trained (and what confidence you have that they know what they’re doing), whether to go with an outside consultant, etc.