Ultimate SEO Keyword Selection Guide

seo keyword selection
Ultimate SEO Keyword Selection Guide

It’s funny – or maybe not so funny – how people choose keywords. They research some possibilities and run with them without keyword tricks. I mean, seriously, how can you choose keywords just because you like them? It’s like marketers turn a blind eye to the competition and their web site’s own deficiencies.

I created the Ultimate SEO Keyword Selection Guide to help marketers pause and consider the most critical factors that should influence keyword selection.

“I want to rank #1 on Google” should not be the primary selection criteria. My guide covers 15 of the most important variables. And best of all, it’s FREE.

Don’t just rely on online tools to make your keyword choices. Weigh all of the facts, including your capacity to build content in the future. Do you have a knack for link building? It’s going to come in handy if you want any shot at ranking for the keyword phrases that captivate you.

Get the Ultimate SEO Keyword Selection Guide today.

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