Online Marketing Study: Small Businesses Often Don't Get It Right with Calls to Action

small-business-b2b-studyI’m pleased to release the “Small Business B2B Call to Action Study,” which is presented by Small Business Trends.

Our team looked at 200 U.S. small businesses and discovered that they drop the ball with call to action opportunities at every turn.

Get this: 96% don’t include any major thought leadership offers. That’s right, their home pages don’t include any industry how-to guides, white papers or similar reports. What did we see? Sometimes they created PDFs with lists of capabilities.

It’s not that they didn’t try. Yes, small business web sites have phone numbers, but often they are tough to find. They include “Contact Info” among the navigation options. But the companies rarely make any effort to help it stand out. They hardly ever reference or link to social media profiles.

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Plus, you can get a free bonus resource: the “Small Business B2B Call to Action Checklist.” It offers tips and insights on over 30 web site call to action opportunities and design considerations.

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