Small Business Online Marketing Tips

Small businesses have many options when it comes to online marketing.  They can try to do everything on their own.  They can hire outside consultants.  Either way, the choices they make come with a price.  If business executives try to do everything themselves, they risk neglecting other key areas of their companies.

Small business online marketing doesn’t need to begin with a web site, but it’s often the centerpiece of any online marketing initiative.  How well or how poorly the web site is designed will make all the difference.  A great web site design will hold the visitor’s interest.  An amateurish web site will turn off a visitor in a few seconds flat.  If that’s the case, you can pretty much forget about any conversions.

So what makes a website great?  Web design software is not always the solution.  Sure, you can get something right off the shelf installed on a computer and get rolling with your website.  And sometimes the result will be a total disaster.  Why?  It often takes a designer to make the most of the tools at hand.  A gifted and trained professional has an eye for design.  He or she knows how to balance colors and other design elements to make a great impression.

Who made your web site?