A Simple SEO Plan for 2018: Are You Up to the Task?

seo strategy in 2018You will hear a lot of buzz about what’s important for SEO in 2018.

It still comes down to authoritative content and backlinks. Small websites with limited text and hardly any inbound links just can’t rank well for competitive phrases.

My advice for SEO in 2018:

1. Take stock of your website.
2. Are you using the SEO  best practices for page titles, page headers, images and more?
3. What’s your link building strategy? Are you getting links by creating original content and appealing to some of your industry contacts for links?
4. How often do you update your content? Does it just describe what you do or do you educate your visitors and solve their problems?
5. It’s good to have a niche to stand out and build a relevant audience. But if you sell similar products and services, it doesn’t mean you can’t be distinctive. Offer advice others aren’t handing out.