SEO - Your Web Site May Lack the Right Stuff

You could call it a lot of names, but the bottom line is that your web site may not have the right stuff to succeed with SEO.

I call it VIABILITY, Aisle #5 in my new series, “SEO Is NOT a Candy Store,” which explores the nuances and complexities of SEO.

How viable is your web site? Is it ready for SEO?

SEO is a lot of things, a ton of text, link and programming factors that can lift web sites from the depths of oblivion to the top of the rankings in days, weeks or maybe a year or more. Not every web site needs every element of SEO. And the degree of each technique can vary greatly.

In my latest video, I identify leading indicators that reveal what kind of shape a web site is in and how it stacks up against the competition.

The sad truth is that web sites continue to be produced without SEO in mind, costing businesses untold sums of money. If SEO is a serious part of a web site from the beginning – or with a redesign, a company will be much farther ahead.

You can research keywords all day long. But if your web site can’t support them, you won’t succeed.