SEO Tools, Keywords and "Ugly Baby" Web Sites - My Content Marketing 360 Interview

cm-360I recently had the privilege of being interviewed about SEO for the Content Marketing 360 Radio Show, a production of Next Stage Media Group.

Chatting with Host Pamela Muldoon, I covered many aspects of SEO – from content and keyword development to thought leadership for content marketing and web site design.

Web site design is one of my favorite topics. It’s so easy for business executives to plow ahead with their web projects without any regard for SEO.

Today I met with an owner launching a web site for a new service (I get to be involved with the project even as the web site structure is being planned). Tomorrow I meet with a company that’s blessed with several sites. As they decide how to make the most of them, they’ve turned to me for SEO guidance.

Here’s an excerpt from Content Marketing 360 radio Show Interview:

Mike: So we talked a lot about keyword research, but getting your house in order. I liken it to – and this is like an awkward phrase, but maybe we can use the analogy here. With website design, that almost precedes the keyword selection, and I like to call it, is your baby ugly?

Pamela: I like that, Mike.

Mike: Seriously. Some people might be offended by that because, you know, no one has any babies that come out swollen with red faces and just look like monsters or what I call lizards.
Pamela: Right.

Mike: Have you ever seen those baby pictures, and it’s like, oh my goodness, he’s absolutely lovely, and I can’t look at that picture again. Give it two weeks and I might look at your kid.

Pamela: Right.

Mike: But the website is the same thing. It’s like, you look at it, and you’ve all heard the studies, you know, how many seconds? We’re not even talking 10 seconds. How long do people actually spend on a site? Those surveys and studies are varied, but we’ll call it under 10 seconds. You’ve got 10 seconds to sell me, buddy. Forget about those 30 second elevator conversations, tell me in 30 seconds everything about your business and your unique value proposition. You get 10 seconds or less. Oh my gosh, I can’t even find the navigation. Oh my gosh, what am I suppose to do here? You’ve just pitched me like eight different things. Give me some focus.

Check out the full show.