SEO Guide: Learn When Search Engine Optimization Is a Waste of Money

seo-waste-money-roiPeople sure have strange notions about how search engine optimization (SEO)  is supposed to play out in their businesses.

The truth is, SEO can be costly with nothing to show for your expense.

Get my free guide, “Are You Wasting Your Money on SEO?” to learn what you should consider before dishing out precious cash for a strategy that may not pay off.

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Obviously SEO is still a viable option for businesses – from the small business owner forced to wear many hats to large corporations. SEO doesn’t make sense in some cases. At a minimum, it should be delayed while marketers put more thought into how they expect to approach SEO.

The SEO guide looks at 10 key considerations, including:

– Misconceptions about how SEO is or isn’t integrated in web development
– Unrealistic keyword phrase preferences
– How to look at SEO in view of other successful online marketing efforts
– Why SEO isn’t a one-time exercise
– Sizing up the SEO talent
– Understanding the project scope

The Content Marketing World SEO workshop will include:

– Hands on, custom coaching for attendees’ unique SEO challenges
– Specific guidance on how to integrate SEO with a content marketing strategy that is focused on ROI
– How to leverage web analytics with both SEO and content marketing
– Keyword selection factors
– Link building tactics
– Additional tips, tools and resources

Search engine optimization can be an effective way to support a brand, generate leads and boost sales – in the right hands and with the right attitude. It’s not dead as some marketers have proclaimed and it’s not a piece of cake, which people sometimes suggest by saying SEO is not “rocket science.”

With planning and diligence, SEO can be worth the effort. Unfortunately sometimes it’s a waste of money. The new guide and the Content Marketing World workshop will help marketers and their companies with their strategic decisions.