SEO and Online Marketing Timesavers

SEO and Online Marketing Timesavers

If you want to avoid hassles and headaches, copy this and post it somewhere.

I won’t get into details about each. Trust me on these. I want to spare you pain and save you money.

1. Don’t change page URLs after they’re live (they age and gain authority). Yes, you may need to redirect them with a website design.
2. Don’t make an FAQ page with five quick questions and five quick answers. Give it some depth, some meat.
3. If you use WordPress, someone will guide you to Yoast. It’s a great tool and can remind you about what to do. But don’t get all happy because it rewards you with green circles (applauding your effort). You can innocently fake out the tool.
4. Don’t submit to hundreds of link directories.
5. Don’t let someone create your Google Analytics account for you. It’s a hassle to access the data without the right email and password (down the road).
6. Don’t let you friend register your domain name for you. Guess who controls it – the one with the email that was used to create it.
7. Don’t buy a bunch of domains packed with keywords and redirect them all to your website. What’s that going to accomplish? Google looks at domains AND website content. The mere presence of keywords in a domain doesn’t help you rank.
8. Don’t use dashes in domains. They’re too hard to remember.
9. Don’t use underscores with your page URLs. Sure, search engines figured out you meant to separate words. But why risk it? Underscores many years ago actually joined two words. Use dashes.
10. Ditto with your image names.

If you master all of that, what could go wrong?

I live to minimize problems. Save your time for other issues that you can quickly solve with your life experience and wisdom.