SEO Mistakes, Options

small business seo mistakes and optionsI spoke with a small business prospect this week who shared part of a familiar story. He had spent thousands of dollars on SEO and really didn’t get anything for it. His favorite search term fell way down the rankings. And he can’t afford to spend more.

What’s he supposed to do in view of SEO mistakes?

We talked about the option of pay for performance. I would get paid when he gets leads. At some point, I may be open to that model. The right combination of a good domain (with age) and content could help. The biggest drawback to that approach is that SEO professionals usually lack complete control over the design and content.

For now, I feel his pain, but I can’t make up for past decisions – not today.

He does have SEO options that he can pursue rather than continue to suffer from wounds inflicted by SEO mistakes.

Based on my experience and his situation, I recommended my Navigator Online Marketing Plan.

It’s only $495 – no contracts or long-term commitments (one-time fee).

I priced it that way to give small businesses like his easy access to SEO insights without the added concern that they would be locked into regular payments. (All of my clients are month-to-month – no long-term deals.)

At the most, some agencies will provide a Report Card for free (I do too) and give  a glimpse about what’s wrong with a web site (statistical look).

The Navigator Online Marketing Plan is different.

I talk with clients about their business and target market. Best of all, I literally tell them what they should do with their web sites, including calls to action and search engine optimization. I mark up screenshot after screenshot and point out what can make a difference.

For $495, he’s not likely to get others to provide that type of custom response or specific recommendations based on his web site strengths, competition and his willingness to make some changes.

Will he bite? I don’t know. The largest agencies won’t help him at all, so that limits his SEO options.

I love helping small businesses. I looked over his site and the SEO mistakes jumped out all over the place. If he pays, he will quickly learn what to do with or without my firm’s additional support.

But it’s the most I can do for him short of free SEO advice.

The sad thing is there are many businesses out that that have played with SEO and then started looking around for low-cost help after they’ve gone down the wrong road one too many times.