SEO Marketing Expert - Gaining Visibility

It’s not that hard to gain some recognition as an SEO marketing specialist.

I just tried.

It started in 2005 when I got a chance to speak for the first time at a Search Engine Strategies conference. I’ve always been grateful to Danny Sullivan for giving me a shot.

Between then and now, I’ve spoken at a lot of different places and written many articles and industry guides. The effort has paid off for the places that hired me and my career. Everyone wins.

The key is to be authentic and informative. I make sure that nothing I say, present or write is like a big advertisement. That wouldn’t sit too well with anyone.

Have I been accepted to speak every place I contacted? No.

But I kept trying. Timing (and a good topic) paid off.

Here are some of the subjects I have covered and the organizations that have been kind enough to welcome me – both for speaking and for writing.

  • “SEO Overkill,” “Can You Please Them All?” “75 Minute Search Abs,” “SEM Pricing Models,” and “Dealing with Difficult Clients” – Search Engine Strategies conferences in New York, Chicago and san Jose
  • “How To Turn Search Engines Into Sales Machines” – What’s Working Now! Conference
  • “How To Boost Your Website ROI” – American Marketing Association, Cleveland chapter
  • “How To Reach More Customers in A Search Engine Marketing World”  –Franchisee meeting (2008)
  • “Reaching New Bank Customers”  – Banking and marketing workshop
  • “SEO and SEM: What Does It Take to Succeed?”  – Educational Travel Conference in Providence, Rhode Island
  • “All About Search Engine Optimization” – University of Toledo Internet Conference

In the News…

  • “10 Minutes with Mike Murray”– Marketing News magazine
  • “San Jose – Search Engine Strategies” – WebProNews Video Interview
  • “Hot Links” – LifeTips, WebmasterRadio
  • “Start Your Search Engines” – Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine
  • “Study: Health Sites Fail on Natural Search Marketing” – Direct Marketing Association Blog
  • “Manufacturers Need to Learn the Joy of Search Engines” – IndustryWeek
  • “SEO for Large Corporations” – SEO Radio

And stuff I wrote:

  • “10 Critical Errors to Avoid with Your SEO Campaign”– Visibility magazine
  • “It’s Not Mojo: How to Take the Guesswork Out of Keyword Selection” – WebProNews
  •  “Tips for Taking a Holistic Approach to SEO & PPC” – SEO video
  • “Google Duped By Massive Comment Tag Stuffing Ploy” – Search Engine Land’s Sphinn discussion forum, citing blog post
  • “Excuse Me While I Give My Sales To Someone Else” – ReveNews
  • “Improve Your SEO in Minutes with Titles” – iMedia Connection
  • “How Lousy SEO Smothers Good Practices” – WebProNews
  • “New Archenemies? SEO and ROI – Say It Ain’t So, Joe” – Marketing Pilgrim
  • “Is Search Engine Optimization Worth It? SEO and the ROI Debacle” – an industry guide
  • “U.S. Health Care Web Sites Resist Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Sales Leads,” national study of 350 health care companies
  • “10 Ways to Master SEO Keyword Selection” – eMarketing & Commerce(eM+C)
  • “13 Ways to Sabbotage Your SEO Efforts” – WebProNews
  • “Ranking Analysis – How to Look Beyond What Is or Isn’t Ranking” – SiteProNews
  • “How to Navigate Online Marketing’s Slippery Path” – SiteProNews