SEO Marketing and Web Marketing Strategy Writing Tips

If you want to do well with SEO marketing and a web marketing strategy, just be an expert.

But you don’t need to be an online marketing specialist.

Let me explain.

I can’t tell you how many business executives I meet who are enormously gifted and smart. They just don’t share their knowledge with the world.

But they should.

Being a member of a trade association is a good start. They have all sorts of publications and ties to places that do.  Or, every industry is packed with online magazines that may accept their articles.

It just takes time. Sure, every pitch won’t be accepted. But it’s not that hard to find an online publication willing to accept an article.

The key is to be informative without being a sales rep. For some people, that may be a tall order – writing something that manages to promote the business while leaving the reader fulfilled. Again, it’s not difficult. Just don’t mention your product or service.

Some people may ask, “What’s the point?” It’s about credibility. If you write for the industry, you build notoriety – fast. And every article includes a bio with a reference to the business. Plus, you get a link to your web site. Links can influence natural search engine rankings.

If writing isn’t one of your God-given gifts, then talk to someone who can take some notes or give them an edge with some bullet points.

The bottom line is that an article is invaluable – for image, links and so much more. Cite the article when approaching prospects. Tease it in a e-mail newsletter. Feature it in your social media efforts. You get all of that – and more – for writing one article.

Bonus tip: Repurpose your article into anything else you need content for – like your web site, a PDF people can download, etc.