SEO Isn't Rocket Science, But Businesses Still Ignore It

seo rocket scienceI am so annoyed with people who go around saying that search engine optimization is “not rocket science” and that you don’t need a consultant to help you with SEO.

Of course you don’t need an advanced engineering degree to figure out SEO.  And I would be a fool to suggest that some small businesses have managed quite well without a consultant.

But let’s face it.  Small business owners are so busy with their core services and products that they don’t have the time for the interest to learn more about the SEO.  Sure, they made no that SEO involves keywords and page titles.  But internal linking maybe a foreign topic to them.  Strategic link building may be something they just don’t understand.  In other words, the knowledge gaps are undeniable.

I  meet with prospects and new clients all of the time who willingly acknowledge that they are in the dark when it comes to SEO.  Basic concepts like adding fresh content seem like great ideas.  It never dawned on them that it could make a difference with their Internet visibility. So yes, some of the mechanics of search engine optimization can be learned.  The reality as business owners and executives are running around without SEO success because they haven’t taken the first step.

Do they make money?  Absolutely.  Search engine optimization is not the only way a business can make money.  For many companies, it’s a supplement to what their already doing.  For others, SEO could be the most significant aspect of their marketing.

If search engine optimization were that easy and that accessible, then I would be encountering many more businesses that have made much more headway with SEO.  They would have demonstrated just how much they’ve picked up over time.  I would just have to move in and coach them a little bit with some of the finer details.  Instead, I’m helping with fundamental website design issues, keyword selection, keyword placement, link building, and much more.

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