Poor SEO Assumptions Haunt Executives

Too often, business executives these words: “I thought the SEO was included in the web design.”

Sorry guys and gals. You assumed wrong.

And the decision obviously is causing pain – knowledge that your SEO efforts are running behind schedule – if they existed at all.

Website designers don’t even cheat clients (in all cases). They don’t necessarily promise SEO. Companies just learn from friends and other sources about the power of SEO, and in a flash executives decide SEO must have been in the contract all along.


Sure, sometimes website developers will say they have SEO covered. We’ll get into false promises another day.

The key here is to understand SEO implications and know for sure whether SEO was really covered or overlooked all along.

It’s unfortunate that businesses continue to miss out on SEO. I’ll mention this until the day I die: It’s not a one-time exercise. You just have to know whether it started in the first place.