Online Search Marketing - Link Building Tips

World Synergy just released a handy how-to guide, “22 Link Building Tactics to Boost Web Site Traffic.” It details what to do to get other web sites to link to yours.

If you don’t know by now, search engines put a lot of stock in link building. When they decide how well a web site will rank among the results, link building is a huge factor. It has tremendous influence in what you can do with online search marketing.

Why? Think of it as a vote of confidence. If you get a link from Aunt Carla’s flower shop, that might be a vote. If you get a link from a relevant industry directory, that might be a 100 votes.

Here are some of the link building tips in the free guide:

Form strategic business link partnerships.
It’s the real deal. World Synergy isn’t talking about those silly link collections where people link to one another regardless of what they sell. Among link building tips, this could be a whopper. If you link to a related product or service – in an area of your web site that makes sense – the other place can link to you and you both get traffic.

Audit existing links.
You probably have places linking to you already – you just have to check. But are they giving you the best links? Probably not. Does that link include strategic keywords (anchor text)? Are vital keyword phrases at least near the link? Do you get the idea. If you want to make the most of link building tips, then act on the ones with the most value.

If you get a place that already doesn’t mind linking, work with them to update the way they link. It’s not just the link that matters – but the nature of the link and authority of the web site linking to you (relevance and the quality of web sites linking to the web site that links to you).