New Online Marketing Book for Small Business Owners. Pre-order Today

online marketing book for small businessesYou’ll want to get a copy of my new book, “Stop Wishing. Start Winning. How Small Businesses Can Win Big with Online Marketing.”

Although it will be packed with practical advice for small businesses, it will also include a series of challenges.

For example, small business owners and executives often either neglect online marketing or they throw money at it with little or no strategy in mind.

Hey, I’m all for giving Google money through AdWords. Spend money to make some money.

But should companies really be spending $2,000 a month just so their web site visits look higher and the phone seems to ring a little more? Where are the ads pointing and what’s really being measured?

I will cover all sorts of topics, including keyword selection, SEO basics, paid search, local search, news releases, copywriting, domain selection, web design, micro sites, blogs, other social media, how-to guides, studies, Google  Analytics, online video, link building and email marketing.

I will also dive into ROI and how to really define it.

The book will be filled with examples and tips on how to avoid mistakes. Plus, I’ll release a bunch of tools I can’t just keep to myself.

Pre-order it today for $7.99 and save $1. The book will be available April 20, 2013