Need a Difference? Get Jim Kukral's Book

online marketing bookYou need to buy Jim Kukral’s new book, “Attention,” if you want more than a little bit of motivation to make a difference in your life – with your time, your talents, your family, your career, and any desire to earn more money.

Actually the book is called “Attention – This Book Will Make You Money: How to Use Attention-Getting Online Marketing to Increase Your Revenue.”

Jim doesn’t hold back in his examples or his promptings to DO SOMETHING to pursue your dreams. With countless stories of what Jim and other business people have done, he pretty much says we don’t have excuses for not trying to stand out. Run with an idea. Try other ideas down the road. Jim doesn’t disappoint with a parade of inspiring examples about innovation (that doesn’t need to cost a fortune).

I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far.

Here’s one section that really connected with me, and maybe it will mean something for you as well:

“Here’s an exercise for you: Get out a piece of paper or open a Word document and write down a list of subjects you happen to know a lot about. It can be anything. Maybe you’re the world’s best stay-at-home mom…

The truth is that, whatever you happen to know a lot about or are really good at, there are people out there who want to know what you know.”

I like his extra part…an extra little kick: “So what’s on the list you just made? You did make the list didn’t you?”

Jim’s a smart, creative guy and his book is worth more than the cost.