Marketing Study: Time for More Digital Transformation

I’m intrigued with the phrase “digital transformation,” which is promoted by the Altimeter Group in its new study, “The State of Digital Transformation.”

Basically, it sounds like companies can succeed on multiple levels when they seriously explore how they’re marketing and make adjustments to connect with customers who are at different engagement levels. But it’s not simply a matter of diving into a new marketing channel. The decisions will involve some kind of culture change (e.g. revised individual roles and team tasks).

The Altimeter Group defines digital transformation this way:”To focus our initial research, we defined digital transformation as a movement under a customer-centric lens:  The realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle.”digital-transformation
Too often, businesses seem stuck in the same practices and marketing channels, ignoring opportunities like e-mail marketing and SEO.

Business owners simply sigh when I mention social media. Maybe they aren’t really into Twitter (and shouldn’t be without a strategy). But they could so something without much effort. I often recommend getting involved in a couple of LinkedIn Groups. As they interact and share, they’ll be positioned to pitch some of their products and services.

As B2B and B2C evolves, businesses must be willing and able to adapt.

Search Engine Journal has a great piece that goes into even more depth.

Or you can download the digital transformation study.