Link Building - Have the Right Attitude

I recently began a GoTo Meeting link building training session and announced that link building was time-consuming with limited rewards.

It may not sound like a great way to approach a training session.

But that quick backdrop was a way of saying link buiding is necessary and CAN have rewards.

Link building consultants – whether they work for an agency of any size or for an in-house team – need to have the right attitude. You need to have the expectation that your efforts may not always find jewels at every corner. But persistence pays off. And your clients and bosses will depend on link building consultants to make good research choices and find ideal links for them.

Link building isn’t easy – and can be a bit discouraging when you can’t find a suitable source of links.

But links are available – and they do drive traffic while influencing rankings.

Focus on the end results and make good link research choices as you become more seasoned in how to find links as successful link building consultants. I’ll have more on those tactics soon.