Rise Above Your Knowledge Deficit with Website Development, Online Marketing

Gain knowledge for web development, online marketing

I’m very impressed with an entrepreneur I met last month. She picked the perfect domain, developed a decent website and became an expert in her industry. The information she shares is exceptional. She targets a specific audience.

Great so far.

The problem is that it’s a reasonable website – not a great one. Fortunately, she’s open to a new design and knows that she needs to improve the Information Architecture.

In other words, she’s willing to recognize what she doesn’t know and get help with website development and online marketing. She made some good choices with WordPress and sensible plug-ins. Now she’s clarifying what skills she has and how she should make the best use of her time while relying on professionals to tackle what she can’t handle.

Other entrepreneurs try to pull off everything. They read every book, register for every webinar, attend conferences, etc. Gaining knowledge is fine I guess. But is there a downside? Should they be doing something more valuable with some of that time?

With my agency, I don’t try to do it alone. I’ve met many experts with different specialties over the years. I lean on them for what they bring to the table. My clients are well served when I give them access to the best knowledge – whether that’s a Facebook strategy or a new logo.

In the coming weeks, the entrepreneur will work through her priorities. I gave her some initial direction and let her know that I can support her based on her skills and budget. Ideas include:

  • Wireframing
  • Home Page design
  • Mega Menu design and coding
  • Interior page template design
  • Guidance on specific URL names
  • URL redirects and strategy (301 redirects)
  • Keyword phrase refinement (options, priorities)
  • SEO page title development
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image naming and alt attributes
  • Branding/messaging
  • Calls to action (visual and text)
  • Landing page refinement and development
  • Content development (ideas, copywriting, editing)
  • Evaluation of Website analytics
  • Website analytics updates (custom reporting, tag manager, etc.)
  • Analysis of Google Console (formerly Webmaster Tools)
  • Link Building
  • Social media analysis, recommendations and management
  • Paid search strategy development and management
  • E-mail campaign analysis and recommendations (i.e. messaging, creative, timing)

What will she do? What will my team take on? Obviously, we won’t do everything on the list. I’m just encouraged that she’s willing to get an outside perspective to hep make her business even more succesful.