Great Internet Marketing Book by Jim Kukral

My friend Jim Kukral keeps cranking out great stuff with a new book, “Internet Marketing for Business Answers – Small Business Expert Interviews (Internet Marketing for Business Answers, 1).”

Among the many experts Jim interviewed is Andy Sernovitz, CEO, GasPedal and author of  “Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking.”

Here’s a little bit of what Andy told Jim:

“And the other big success is it’s got to be more than just going to work, there’s got to be some meaning to it above and beyond whatever you do or sell. For us here at GasPedal, what we do every day, the bigger idea, is that we can help companies survive and do well and thrive, and they don’t need to have a nick off their name. There is something you can do to make it better and we love that kind of clever easy innovation that just changes people’s lives and opens their eyes.”

I like that kind of thinking, that attutude.

The businesses Jim explores have been through a lot and tried many Internet strategies. We can learn from what they do well and be inspired to develop our own approaches based on our values and priorities.