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Now we’re offering free Internet Marketing Report Card for U.S .-based businesses.

What motivates us? We just want to help. You could give me a bunch of cash if you want, but why make that effort? Just take me up on my offer. And you won’t get a canned report either – you know the type with some automated tool that may or may not be accurate.

No, we’re not going to solve all of your problems with a free Internet Marketing Report Card. Every web site can be better so don’t feel too bad if we give you some low marks here and there. We will look at more than 20 items related to your web site.

We think you’ll find the information invaluable. It’s perspective you can act on right now or down the line depending on your other business priorities. If you don’t need leads or sales from your web site, the report may have very little value for you. If you need t generate an ROI through your web site, now is a good time to take a look at what we find.

Again, it’s absolutely free.

Just fill out the little form and we’ll get in touch so we can show you what we find.

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What will we look at? Well, for starters we’ll assess the design. Is your web site likely to hold visitors’ interest or force them to run fast to your competitors? Yes, we’ll look at those calls to action, link bait elements, page titles, headers and more. You get the idea.

Would we expect you to follow up with us and get more of our expertise? Sure, we’d like to be have an ongoing relationship. That’s up to you. Take our free information and do whatever you want with it. Or, work with us to improve your business. More sales are great. You just have to know what moves to make to get your share of the Internet leads that abound – if you’re open to learning what it takes.

Well, enough about that.

Ready for that report?

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