Buy Domains to Boost SEO, Search Engine Rankings

domain keywordsAs a new business with the new domain, you can’t expect to rank well on search engines anytime soon.

It’s important to expand your content and develop links to your website.  Generate interest in your website and those visitors will help catch the attention of search engines.

You have another weapon that can help you in the long run.  Buy an existing domain. It’s worth the investment.  Why would you buy a domain if you already have one with your website?  For starters, the domain you have is brand new.  It hasn’t had a chance to build up credibility with the search engines.  They are more likely to rank a web site that’s been around awhile (and that they are familiar with) than a brand new website on the market.

So how does this work?  Like anything else, it’s not necessarily easy and it’s not necessarily a sure thing.  You want to target domains they have been around for a few years.  You’ll want to make sure there are dozens if not hundreds of links or more pointing to that domain.  In other words, that domain was tied to web site content that at some point appealed to other websites owners and managers who were willing to link to it.

With redirect techniques, that older domain can point to your domain.  In effect, the older domain’s authority is transferred to your domain.  To a degree, it’s like your domain has been around for years even though it may only be a few months old.

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