[Study] Big Companies Shortchange Themselves with SEO and Content Marketing

seo content marketing mistakes by big companiesBig companies have all of the resources they want, but they still miss the ball with SEO and content marketing.

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Yes, they enjoy choice rankings. The problem is that they’re missing out on thousands and sometimes millions of visitors because they don’t rank high enough for some keyword phrases.

I focused on the Fortune 100 and found that they fall to the second page of Google 19.4% of the time on average for the top 500 most searched keywords and phrases for each of their websites. They also rank near the bottom of the first page of Google for many search terms.

All they need to do is make decent content to rank higher. Fortune 100 and other large enterprises have considerable authority on the Internet with their old domain names, inbound links and large websites. With those factors, new content can rank well.

Unfortunately, they don’t use SEO as well as they should. With their home pages, for example, 56% don’t use non-branded keywords in the SEO page titles. Bad move. They can’t even name images correctly 89% of the time. They don’t use keywords with dashes with the images. For mobile, 20% fail the Google test.

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