Testimonials of Small Business Clients

Testimonials from Small Business Marketing Clients

Joe Pulizzi“Mike put us on the map with Google and other search engines. He helped us navigate some tricky updates with websites, domains and redirects. Full of SEO wisdom, Mike poured into our editorial team and made sure they could make the most of every SEO best practice. He vigilantly looks after each website.

He protects outstanding search engine rankings while recommending practical updates to old and new content. I’m amazed at what he can pull off with even the slightest change. Don’t hesitate to tap into Mike’s mind. You’ll appreciate the advice and the impact.”

Joe Pulizzi
Founder, Content Marketing Institute

Kevin Lund“Mike is an SEO resource we trust. He’s been there for us every step of the way. We turned to him for everything from domain redirect strategies to how to bake in SEO into a website redesign for The Ticker Tape, a TD Ameritrade daily resource for investors. Mike equipped the editorial team so they could use SEO best practices. As a result of these efforts, our search engine traffic skyrocketed.”

Kevin Lund
President, T3 Custom


Tess Whitty“Mike Murray helped me optimize my two websites, increasing the search ranking and producing results within weeks.

He performed a thorough analysis of both, and gave me sound advice and suggestions for improvement. His knowledge of and advice on SEO and copywriting was invaluable.”

Tess Whitty
Host, Marketing Tips for Translators Podcast and Owner, Swedish Translation Services

Lisa Rangel“Mike was great to work with and made some notable changes to improve our website. He also was instrumental with the goal of improving our search engine visibility.

Even in the face of tough competition, he got us on the first page of Google.”

Lisa Rangel
Founder, Chameleon Resumes


John Moore“Mike is a reliable partner who understands the ever-changing digital marketing space. He came through when we asked him to shape strategies and use tactics to help GED improve its presence on major search engines, including Google.

Easy to work with, Mike provides the details when we need them and overviews that help us understand how we’re performing.

I trust that Mike is going to suggest the appropriate strategy, even when it does not benefit him. He is honest.”

John Moore
Vice President of Marketing, GED

Jeffrey Phillip“Mike’s our go-to guy for all things Google. If search engine algorithms change inexplicably, he’s all over it. We rely on him over many Babcox Media websites. Mike meets with editors to reinforce SEO best practices and to help them understand what’s working and what isn’t. He’s vigilant in every sense, scouring our website analytics and ranking data to find opportunities we could easily miss. When he fine-tunes a page title or content header, we secure more top rankings for competitive keywords. Even slight changes have produced tons of extra pageviews, sometimes more than 10,000 in a year for even a handful of keyword phrases in a single article. On top of that, Mike’s easy to work with and always keeps tabs on industry trends.”

Jeffrey Phillip
Manager of Digital Development, Babcox Media

Vince Costello“Online Marketing Coach established prominent rankings on the major search engines to such an extent that we received a Request for Quote that led to one of the largest orders we received last year. With many search terms, we’re ahead of larger competitors. Now they’ll see us before they find the big boys.”

Vince Costello
President, Diversified Mold & Castings Company



Tracy Smuts“Mike has impressed us at every turn from the initial online marketing audit to our website design. He delivered as promised, bringing in additional experts as needed. When we reach out to Mike, it’s almost like he drops everything to take care of us. He goes out of his way to make sure we fully understand what he’s doing and why. With the website’s new look and the core SEO, we’ve secured significant clients that had never heard about us. On top of that, Mike’s become our secret weapon. He’s been extremely flexible, willing to share his knowledge to help some of our clients learn from him so they can do a better job of tacking SEO internally. We highly recommend him.”

Tracy Smuts
President, Capstone Media



Rick Smith Jr.“Online Marketing Coach quickly got me to the top of Google to improve my Internet visibility. Backed by years of experience, they clearly knew what moves to make to help my business.”

Rick Smith Jr.
Corporate Magician



Greg Gantzer“Mike knows his stuff. He’s the real deal. I’ve seen all of those offers – free ranking reports and software that claims it can teach me to improve my website traffic. I’m a busy small business owner. I need to trust the pros to look at what I’m doing and solve problems. Online Marketing Coach does just that – with great care and expertise. Mike has been sensitive to my business needs while recommending sure-fire tactics that pay off.”

Greg Gantzer
Founder, ActionSports Interactive

Todd Grow“Online Marketing Coach developed ideal strategies that paid off for our firm. We’re getting more leads and sales because of our improved visibility on the Internet.”

Todd Grow
Co-founder, Schiffman | Grow & Co



Steve Merrick“As a web site developer for a number of years, we have always referred to search engine placement as voodoo. No matter how hard we tried and what programs we used we could not get the desired results. A number of years ago we were introduced to the search engine services of Online Marketing Coach.

The firm was able to take our sites and get the results required by our clients. We still refer to search engines as voodoo but we now have all the confidence Search Engine Marketing Coaches can get us the results we need in a short amount of time.”
Steven M. Merrick
Former President, Merrick Design Group

“We enjoyed working with Online Marketing Coach. The communication was great, the value was super, the Web site looks terrific and your firm was very diligent about keeping the project on schedule. You even included some extras and offered additional advice to improve upon our plans. We’re very pleased.”

Foltz Machine, Inc.

“Quadrupled the traffic on our website literally overnight!”

Virginia Marti College

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