Small Business B2B Call to Action Checklist

Our "Small Business B2B Call to Action Study" includes a handy checklist that small businesses can use while making improvements to their web sites.

Check out an excerpt of the small business resource covers more than 30 conversion ideas and suggestions, including:

  • "Contact Us" in the navigation
  • Contact page
  • E-mail addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Response forms
  • Overall design
  • Content
  • Logo
  • Navigation
  • Call to action "above the fold"
  • Industry guides
  • Studies
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • White papers
  • Specials offers
  • eCommerce
  • Coupons
  • Specials
  • Text call to action
  • Collections of resources
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Demos
  • Detailed case studies
  • Interactive tools
  • Newsletter sign ups
  • Social Media/blogs
  • Social media profiles
  • Meta descriptions

Preview the checklist with this excerpt.


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Online Marketing Study: Small Businesses Often Don’t Get It Right with Calls to Action

small-business-b2b-studyI'm pleased to release the "Small Business B2B Call to Action Study," which is presented by Small Business Trends.

Our team looked at 200 U.S. small businesses and discovered that they drop the ball with call to action opportunities at every turn.

Get this: 96% don't include any major thought leadership offers. That's right, their home pages don't include any industry how-to guides, white papers or similar reports. What did we see? Sometimes they created PDFs with lists of capabilities.

It's not that they didn't try. Yes, small business web sites have phone numbers, but often they are tough to find. They include "Contact Info" among the navigation options. But the companies rarely make any effort to help it stand out. They hardly ever reference or link to social media profiles.

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Plus, you can get a free bonus resource: the "Small Business B2B Call to Action Checklist." It offers tips and insights on over 30 web site call to action opportunities and design considerations.… Read more

Speaking on SEO at Content Marketing World

seo-consultant-speakerGet dozens of search engine optimization insights on September 11 at Content Marketing World (CMW), where I will present “45 Rapid Fire SEO Tips, Tactics and Tools for Content Marketing Success” as part of the CMW lunch and learn series.

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The session will cover a wide range of advice to help companies leverage their content marketing opportunities. I will touch on these and other topics:

  • Competitive analysis short-cuts
  • Exploiting a web site’s sweet spot
  • News releases
  • Maximizing guides and white papers
  • Domain names
  • Mining for keyword phrase gems
  • Critical mistakes

Marketers won’t just get a taste of SEO; they’ll walk away with ideas and tactics they can put into motion right away to ensure that their content marketing efforts get plenty of exposure. Different marketing professionals  will be able to connect with any number of the SEO approaches based on their web site structure and business needs.… Read more

SEO Mistakes, Options

small business seo mistakes and optionsI spoke with a small business prospect this week who shared part of a familiar story. He had spent thousands of dollars on SEO and really didn't get anything for it. His favorite search term fell way down the rankings. And he can't afford to spend more.

What's he supposed to do in view of SEO mistakes?

We talked about the option of pay for performance. I would get paid when he gets leads. At some point, I may be open to that model. The right combination of a good domain (with age) and content could help. The biggest drawback to that approach is that SEO professionals usually lack complete control over the design and content.

For now, I feel his pain, but I can't make up for past decisions - not today.

He does have SEO options that he can pursue rather than continue to suffer from wounds inflicted by SEO mistakes.… Read more

Small Business Online Marketing Falls Short – Infographic

Time and time again, small businesses fall short with online marketing. They want to do well and are concerned about generating sales, but the numbers just don't add up. See our new infographic about how they keep missing the mark.

Click this image for a large view of Small Businesses Keep Missing the Mark Online at Online Marketing Coach or use the embed code below the image to feature the infographic on your own web site.


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