SEO is NOT a Candy Store

Over the last 13 years, I’ve learned a lot about search engine optimization (SEO) and made my share of mistakes.

Now I’d like to share some views from the front lines - cut through some of the confusion and misunderstandings about what an SEO firm does.

In this SEO Is NOT a Candy Store Series, I’ll periodically offer some tips, help marketers avoid some traps and provide insights about the industry, including pricing and the scope of services.

Why compare SEO to a Candy Store?

A Candy Store is how I think a lot of business executives view SEO – if they’re not just ignoring it all together. Since SEO involves the regular listings, people look at those natural rankings as the FREE stuff. Google may not charge anything, but someone is going to take your money. And if you go it alone, then get ready for the business opportunity cost.… Read more

Display Your Phone Number: It’s Marketing 101

I can't believe how many websites I come across that don't use their phone numbers.

I'm not saying it's not somewhere - but hidden right above the copyright notice isn't ideal, right?

Sometimes companies include it on their home page but drop it after that. Please.

Or, they include it in a graphic because the website developer they paid knows nothing about SEO - so search engines won't index the phone number, the street address, the city or the zip code.

Odds are, the company wants to be found on search engines. They're just in the dark.

Add phone numbers. Don't hide them. Make them obvious if you care about SEO marketing. Of course, I'm all about online contact. You can reach me at World Synergy - 440.349.4940 ext. 635

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I Don’t Want to Be Found on Search Engines

Isn't it odd that a company would rather hang onto its money than make some effort to be found on a search engine?

But that's exactly what businesses do when they don't embrace search engine optimization and hire an SEO firm.

If they're profitable today - and pleased with the customer list, they lack the motivation to devote much time or money to SEO matters.

The reality is that people do search for services - professional services, local, national, etc. Even if you don't continue with an effort, you should make some provision to be found. A new customer can pay for the investment. It often doesn't take scores of new customers - especially in B2B.

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