Web SEO Tools – Tips that Matter

I put together a handy list of 13 activities that can ruin any SEO program.

Check out the piece at Web Pro News called "13 Ways to Sabotage Your SEO Opportunities."

Of course, there is always the big one - ignoring SEO during a website development project. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

But there are a dozen other topics as well. There are lots of Web SEO tools available on the Internet. The article may not be a calculator or a subscription service, but it has more than food for thought.

At times I'm a little blunt, a little unorthodox. That's my style. More and more, I just want to tell things like they are. One of the 13 is about business owners. If a web site has failings, if the business kind of messed up, maybe it's time to admit the error in judgment and dig team (financially) to remedy the situation.… Read more

Need a Difference? Get Jim Kukral’s Book

online marketing bookYou need to buy Jim Kukral's new book, "Attention," if you want more than a little bit of motivation to make a difference in your life - with your time, your talents, your family, your career, and any desire to earn more money.

Actually the book is called "Attention - This Book Will Make You Money: How to Use Attention-Getting Online Marketing to Increase Your Revenue."

Jim doesn't hold back in his examples or his promptings to DO SOMETHING to pursue your dreams. With countless stories of what Jim and other business people have done, he pretty much says we don't have excuses for not trying to stand out. Run with an idea. Try other ideas down the road. Jim doesn't disappoint with a parade of inspiring examples about innovation (that doesn't need to cost a fortune).

I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far.

Here's one section that really connected with me, and maybe it will mean something for you as well:

"Here's an exercise for you: Get out a piece of paper or open a Word document and write down a list of subjects you happen to know a lot about.

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SEO – Your Web Site May Lack the Right Stuff

You could call it a lot of names, but the bottom line is that your web site may not have the right stuff to succeed with SEO.

I call it VIABILITY, Aisle #5 in my new series, "SEO Is NOT a Candy Store," which explores the nuances and complexities of SEO.

How viable is your web site? Is it ready for SEO?

SEO is a lot of things, a ton of text, link and programming factors that can lift web sites from the depths of oblivion to the top of the rankings in days, weeks or maybe a year or more. Not every web site needs every element of SEO. And the degree of each technique can vary greatly.

In my latest video, I identify leading indicators that reveal what kind of shape a web site is in and how it stacks up against the competition.

The sad truth is that web sites continue to be produced without SEO in mind, costing businesses untold sums of money.… Read more

SEO Technology – Primer About What Works

It's so easy to get the technology wrong when it comes to SEO. I talk with business owners and online marketers all of the time who don't understand how the SEO technology works and why it's so important to the success of a program.

They don't know, of course, because SEO Technology is best left to the experts - people who know what to do to meet business objectives.

In Aisle #4 of my series, "SEO Is NOT a Candy Store," I walk through a few of the most critical aspects of SEO Technology.

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SEO Tips Content

Online marketers are often frustrated with their website content. I tackle some of their concerns in Aisle #3 of my new series, "SEO Is NOT a Candy Store."

The video goes through some of the content options, including making case studies that are accented with appropriate keyword phrases.

Sometimes companies have websites that include the singular form of a keyword phrase. The tough part is shaping the content to support the plural form of the same keyword phrase.

I'd suggest making some Featured Products pages to give you a chance to call attention to plural versions of keyword phrases for products and services.

Check out the video:

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