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Online marketers are often frustrated with their website content. I tackle some of their concerns in Aisle #3 of my new series, "SEO Is NOT a Candy Store."

The video goes through some of the content options, including making case studies that are accented with appropriate keyword phrases.

Sometimes companies have websites that include the singular form of a keyword phrase. The tough part is shaping the content to support the plural form of the same keyword phrase.

I'd suggest making some Featured Products pages to give you a chance to call attention to plural versions of keyword phrases for products and services.

Check out the video:

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How to Navigate Online Marketing

Online marketing is a tough business - and it's not easy to know how to navigate each element.

I recently wrote an online marketing piece for SiteProNews to guide businesses through some of the most important topics they will face as they strive to succeed online.

Website marketing services can cover everything from link building and keyword research to website design and web analytics. Walk through some of those and you may have a tough time deciding what to do.

My first tip in the article is to grow thick skin, which means to be open to criticism. For example, if a business has a bad design, maybe it's just time to own up to the mistake and start over.

It doesn't make sense to keep working with a design that isn't going to guide visitors or convert them.

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Free Web Site Audit

It's really easy for web marketers to tap into a couple of tools and give companies a quick report about a website.

World Synergy ignores the norm and is offering custom web site audits - actual evaluations of a website from multiple angles.

And guess what? I head up the assessments as Web Strategy Thought Leader at World Synergy, an online marketing firm offering a full range of other Internet and IT services.

We have a good approach and a format that makes helps us offer our feedback in a way that makes sense for marketers and business executives. And we even offer a phone consultation to review our findings that cover:

  • Design
  • Programming
  • SEO
  • Calls to Action
  • Inbound Links
  • Rankings
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Increase Site Traffic with a Solid SEO Program

We all know that ranking higher for a search term will deliver more traffic to your site. But how much more traffic can you really expect from a higher ranking?

Read the full report published by Chitika.

When you rank number 1 for a search term, about 34% of the people who searched for that word will click on your site. Number two drops to about 17%, number 10 (bottom of the first page) gets about 2% of the clicks.

There’s a huge drop for sites ranking in the 11-20th spots. These ranking positions appear on the second page of search results.

Here’s a breakdown of the percentage of traffic a site will get based on its rank:
1  34.35%
2  16.96%
3  11.42%
4  7.73%
5  6.19%
6  5.05%
7  4.02%
8  3.47%
9  2.85%
10  2.71%
11 1.11%
12 0.85%
13 0.70%
14 0.57%
15 0.48%
16 0.39%
17 0.33%
18 0.28%
19 0.28%
20 0.29%

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SEO Pricing

In my SEO Is NOT a Candy Store series, I take on SEO pricing in Aisle #2.

SEO pricing is all over the map - from  initial SEO pricing details to the length of contracts.

When a company signs up for SEO, the pricing must factor in who the business is hiring (individuals or whole teams) and details about what the experts are actually expected to accomplish.

In the SEO pricing video, I walk through scores of questions. If you don't want to be left with doubts or misunderstandings, you should have clear answers to each question.

What's your experience with SEO pricing? It hasn't been a problem? It's confusing? You've been misled?

The best SEO firms are candid and clear. Is your consultant up front about his SEO pricing?

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