Online Search Marketing – Link Building Tips

World Synergy just released a handy how-to guide, "22 Link Building Tactics to Boost Web Site Traffic." It details what to do to get other web sites to link to yours.

If you don't know by now, search engines put a lot of stock in link building. When they decide how well a web site will rank among the results, link building is a huge factor. It has tremendous influence in what you can do with online search marketing.

Why? Think of it as a vote of confidence. If you get a link from Aunt Carla's flower shop, that might be a vote. If you get a link from a relevant industry directory, that might be a 100 votes.

Here are some of the link building tips in the free guide:

Form strategic business link partnerships.
It's the real deal. World Synergy isn't talking about those silly link collections where people link to one another regardless of what they sell.… Read more

Online Marketing Solution – Expanding Content

Web site marketing is often about education. Committed to helping businesses understand online marketing, World Synergy recently released a free guide, "How to Grow Content that Search Engines Crave."

Used effectively, the guide can be an online marketing solution.

Business executives still seem to think that they can rank #1 on Google just because they want to appear in the #1 slot.

It's not that easy.

Many factors come into play - from web site age to the domain name. It's almost a cliche to say that Content is King.

The truth is that content really does matter. You can want to rank for a keyword all day long, but that desire won't make it happen. You have to become aware of what's happening.

Do you have just one mention of a keyword on a page? Is your page short? Is it long with a lot of different priority words?… Read more

Ultimate SEO Keyword Selection Guide

It's funny - or maybe not so funny - how people choose keywords. They research some possibilities and run with them without keyword tricks. I mean, seriously, how can you choose keywords just because you like them? It's like marketers turn a blind eye to the competition and their web site's own deficiencies.

I created the Ultimate SEO Keyword Selection Guide to help marketers pause and consider the most critical factors that should influence keyword selection.

"I want to rank #1 on Google" should not be the primary selection criteria. My guide covers 15 of the most important variables. And best of all, it's FREE.

Don't just rely on online tools to make your keyword choices. Weigh all of the facts, including your capacity to build content in the future. Do you have a knack for link building? It's going to come in handy if you want any shot at ranking for the keyword phrases that captivate you.… Read more

Link Building Tips

Businesses have many options to attract links to their web sites. For Aisle #6 on my "SEO Is NOT a Candy Store" series, I provide several link building tips. Sometimes link building tactics begin with the links that are already pointing to your web site. It's a matter of making better use of them. Learn how in this video.

Read more

Web SEO Tools – Tips that Matter

I put together a handy list of 13 activities that can ruin any SEO program.

Check out the piece at Web Pro News called "13 Ways to Sabotage Your SEO Opportunities."

Of course, there is always the big one - ignoring SEO during a website development project. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

But there are a dozen other topics as well. There are lots of Web SEO tools available on the Internet. The article may not be a calculator or a subscription service, but it has more than food for thought.

At times I'm a little blunt, a little unorthodox. That's my style. More and more, I just want to tell things like they are. One of the 13 is about business owners. If a web site has failings, if the business kind of messed up, maybe it's time to admit the error in judgment and dig team (financially) to remedy the situation.… Read more