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I'll be presenting a free World Synergy webinar, "Online Marketing Success Strategies for 2012," at 1 p.m. April 19th.

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I'll help marketers discover how they can improve their ROI by making the most of online marketing tactics.

You will get plenty of tips, learn about the latest trends and get fresh perspectives on everything from SEO challenges to social media options.

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Be Wise, Not Foolish with Online Marketing

Business executives need to go out of their way to be wise and not foolish with the choices they make regarding online marketing.

Our new feature, "39 Mind-Boggling Online Marketing Mistakes that Companies Make," captures a full range of mistakes and horrible assumptions that get companies into trouble.

Miscalculations can hurt when wisdom is overlooked when tackling an SEO project.

They can easily be avoided if businesses get some sound advice about paid search, e-mail marketing, SEO, link building, social media and more.

What kind of decisions have you encountered? Are they bizarre? Do they defy logic?

I'd love to hear what you've come across.

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39 Mind-Boggling Online Marketing Mistakes that Companies Make

web marketingBusinesses of all types do a lot of strange things when it comes to online marketing. Sometimes logic seems to take a back seat.

Online marketers and other corporate executives are often bright folks who actually lead successful businesses. But some of their Internet-related decisions are just mind-boggling.

Here are just some of the ones I've encountered over the years - some shared by friends and others I experienced first-hand. Unfortunately, it's apparent that many of these happen all of the time.

Businesses would avoid a lot of aggravation if executives just turned to some seasoned experts before going down costly paths. You can learn a little by getting a free copy of my new study, "Small Businesses Just Don't Get SEO."

What goofy, real-life scenarios do you come across?

1. I'm going to pay $2,500 for one person to attend a 4-day Internet conference in Vegas and I don't have an implementation plan to use whatever Bob or Mary learn along the way.… Read more

Free Study: Small Businesses Often Mess Up with SEO

Most small businesses don’t have a good handle on search engine optimization (SEO), missing opportunity after opportunity to connect with prospective customers who could help them be more profitable.

They aren’t fully grasping just how many factors must come together to ensure high rankings on major search engines – variables like page titles, keyword-rich page headers, inbound links from other web sites and more.

As a result, our free study of 200 diverse small businesses, "Small Businesses Just Don't Get SEO," found that 62% of their web sites don’t rank on the first page of Google for even one keyword phrase. More than half (51%) don’t use page titles with keywords (they merely list “welcome” or “home” or usually only a company name). We selected the ReferenceUSA database to randomly select small businesses for the study (we are not affiliated with any of the companies we identified).

The wide range of small businesses we studied offer such products and services as:

  • Pizza
  • Legal counsel
  • Catering
  • Local package deliveries
  • Hair care
  • Engineering consulting
  • Toys for children
  • Real estate agents
  • Plumbers
  • Gymnastics training
  • Beer kegs
  • Commercial signs
  • Psychologists
  • and many more

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Over the years, we’ve met with thousands of the nation’s 27 million small businesses at our office, their locations, local events, and while speaking at national conferences.… Read more

Small Businesses Miss the Mark with SEO – FREE Study

We just released a new study, "Small Businesses Just Don't Get SEO," which takes a close look at 200 U.S. web sites and how they perform with search engine optimization (SEO).

Based on the data, 62% can't manage to rank for a single keyword phrase on the first page of Google and they don't know how to use page titles for SEO.

Get your FREE copy of the small business SEO study.

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