New Web Sites Lack Credibility with Search Engines. Be Patient.

no search engine rankingsFor small businesses, one of the biggest problems with brand new web sites is that they have no credibility in the eyes of search engines. And that's not good for SEO.

Sure, you can get a domain and make the web site and be live on the Internet.


You know about the web site.  Your employees know about the web site.  Your best friend may even know about the web site.  But the world doesn’t.

You may as well be invisible.

You can’t exactly pay off Google or Bing and get them to take you seriously.  It’s just a matter of time.  Everyone wants to know how much time.  It really seems to vary.  It depends on the competition.  Your web site structure in content will have an effect as well.

More than anything, you need activity for SEO to really pay off.  You need to start generating visitors.  You need to start collecting links. … Read more

SEO Professionals Are Confident about Their Abilities

SEO professionals believe they have a good handle on search engine optimization. Judging from a MarketingSherpa study, they seem pretty confident about the success they're having in the B2B space.

The following looked at the "Effectiveness of SEO Tactics for B2B," according to 1,530 B2B marketing professionals.

seo professionals

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Do You Really Trust Your Web Site Designer?

I realize web design can be very subjective - kind of hard to fault a web site when it's succeeding on many levels and switching some elements won't make a huge difference one way or another.

On the other hand....

I'm seeing way too many businesses that are totally misled by their web site designers. Sure, they have some nice colors. But they're really failing all over the place. No phone number (always a huge thing for me). No calls to action (not even a "Learn More" about a major service). Horrible messaging (what is this business all about anyway?).

I guess the companies - and not just the web designers are to blame. The business owners get very involved in projects and lend all of their design expertise to the final web site. I guess that was sarcasm. How much experience to business owners really have designing web sites. Do they have a clue about web standards?… Read more

Free Website Marketing Report

Now we're offering free Internet Marketing Report Card for U.S .-based businesses.

What motivates us? We just want to help. You could give me a bunch of cash if you want, but why make that effort? Just take me up on my offer. And you won't get a canned report either - you know the type with some automated tool that may or may not be accurate.

No, we're not going to solve all of your problems with a free Internet Marketing Report Card. Every web site can be better so don't feel too bad if we give you some low marks here and there. We will look at more than 20 items related to your web site.

We think you'll find the information invaluable. It's perspective you can act on right now or down the line depending on your other business priorities. If you don't need leads or sales from your web site, the report may have very little value for you.… Read more